Depot 10th Anniversary Party on May 31st!

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2016 Soup & Beans Contest Winner
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Senior hunger
FEED - A - SENIOR . . . costs only $25 per month to feed a senior for a full week . . . these are folks who skip meals and doses of medicine to survive between Social Security checks. Please do what you can to help them. They are older Americans who are fragile, lack transportation and funds to purchase food. Their average monthly income is $850. Think about it . . . could you live on $850 each month? Read our Feed-A-Senior flyer.

The DEPOT Moved Up!
Our new home
The Angel’s Depot moved to 2820 La Mirada Drive, Suite C, Vista, CA 92081

look for our wings on the window . . . right side in the photo above.

Next Door to “Hello Deli” . . . where the red awning is located, left of the photo!

Same Telephone Number: (760) 599-7093
The Angel’s Depot celebrates start of 10 Years of Operation on May 31, 2015!

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2015 & 2016 Depot Dispatch Senior Newsletter ~ New Format & 4 Pages!
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In 2014 Helen Woodward Animal Center Donated 1,189 "AniMeals" One Month’s Food for Pets of Seniors Who Receive the Depot's Senior Emergency Meal Boxes!

How Wonderful is That?!  See AniMeals Page.

"Angel 01" Gets a New Look!
Thank You Harrah's Resort Southern California & Caesar's Foundation
The Angel’s Depot
Who We Serve . . . What We Do . . . How You Can Help

Seniors we serve . . . are of the generations who fought our wars, paid taxes and built this great country of ours. They handed down a legacy of freedom & hope. Yet today, 50,000 elderly poor live in San Diego County, with precious little to eat by mid-month. The Angel's Depot was founded in 2006 to help End Senior Hunger in San Diego County.

The Angel’s Depot has 5 PROGRAM COMPONENTS

1. Senior Emergency Food . . . FREE of Charge

Providing FREE Senior Emergency Meal Boxes monthly to meet the nutritional needs of over 900 Seniors who are at-risk for malnutrition and suffering from food insecurity. Our pre-qualified senior or their proxy, sign for and pick up their Meal Box at one of 24 Distribution Sites countywide; Seniors qualify if their income is no more than $1,100 per month, they are 60 years of age or 55 with a permanent disability, they have no more than $10,000 in assets and they live in San Diego County.

Since 2006, The Angel’s Depot, with only a staff of 6 employees, has provided:

•    81,938 Senior Emergency Meal Boxes . . . each weigh 25 pounds . . . seniors say they last more than a week. This unique free service helps pre-qualified seniors survive between their Social Security checks, their sole source of income.

•   Food for 1.720 Million Senior Meals . . . 21 Meals in each Emergency Box with easily prepared food to make 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 7 Dinners and Snacks.

•   Using over 2 Million Pounds of Specially Formulated Food high in protein, fiber, folates with modest sugar to meet the nutritional needs of seniors who are at-risk for malnutrition and live with the anxiety of food insecurity (not knowing when they will next have food). Our seniors routinely skip meals and doses of medicine; this program helps them survive between their Social Security checks.

•    The seniors we serve have an average income of $861 per month . . . they cannot afford Meals on Wheels or other programs that charge fees.

2. Senior Advocacy – Case Management –Tracking Client Demographics

Advocating for seniors, providing a level of case management on an as-need basis, addressing complex aging challenges, connecting seniors with resources to enhance their well-being; publishing an annual Calendar marked with Meal Box pick-up dates and publishing a monthly “Depot Dispatch” Senior Newsletter, tucked into monthly Meal Boxes (and emailed to supporters), with safety and healthy living tips, Super Foods, historical trivia, Meal Box Recipes and humor;

3. Community Senior Hunger Education

Educating & Engaging the Community as to the numbers and plight of the elderly poor and what steps they may take to help end the Senior Hunger Crisis in San Diego County; the success of this program is evident in the Corps of over 5,800 Multi-Generational, Multi Ethnic Volunteers who contribute 400 man hours each month.

4. Community Outreach – Giving – Volunteering

Engaging the community in solving the Senior Hunger Crisis by providing opportunities for donors to give, i.e., funding a grant . . . or Sponsoring A Senior for $25 per month . . . for the cost of going to a movie and having popcorn and soda, you can feed a needy senior for a week . . . or volunteer as a Board Member, Volunteer Program Manager or at a special event or in the warehouse, checking expiration dates, sorting, stamping, labeling and pack Meal Boxes . . . or initiating a Food Drive;

5. Feeding Our Seniors’ Pets

Pet food is given specific to the age, size and type of our seniors’ dogs and cats . . . at no cost to the seniors or the Depot . . . to date we have provided 113,460 days of nutritious pet food for our seniors and their best friends!

Please, donate today!

Remember, the action you take, is the DIFFERENCE you make, in an older American's life.

Susan Stames Hall

Susan Stames Hall, Founder & Executive Director, The Angel’s Depot

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